EIC Accelerator 2023 – Here’s what happens next!

The EIC Accelerator will go into the next round in 2023. The first deadline is already on 11 January. European flagship funding is one of the most exciting funding programmes for deep tech for innovative start-ups and SMEs.

What’s new in the EIC Accelerator 2023

In 2023, the total budget for the EIC Accelerator is €1.137 billion. The funding is open to all sectors and topics (open call) and sets additional challenges in the new funding period:

Challenges 2023

These are the topics for the challenges in the EIC Accelerator 2023:

  • Novel biomarker-based assays for personalised cancer treatment
  • Aerosol and surface decontamination for pandemic management
  • Energy storage
  • New European Bauhaus and digitalisation of architecture, engineering and construction for decarbonisation
  • Quantum computing hardware and quantum sensors for the real environment
  • Semiconductor chip design
  • Sustainable and resilient agriculture
  • Customer-oriented, innovative space technologies and services

When can applications be submitted in 2023?

The EIC Accelerator has four deadlines (cut off dates) in 2023 for the second step of the application, the so-called full application:

EIC Accelerator 2023
  • 11 January 2023 (open call)
  • 22 March 2023 (open call and challenges)
  • 7 June 2023 (open call and challenges)
  • 4 October 2023 (open call and challenges)

The application process comprises a total of three stages, starting with a project outline and a pitch video. The first step is not bound to a deadline and drafts can be submitted to the EIC at any time. Only the second step is subject to a deadline and must be completed and submitted in time for the stated date. The third and final step for selected applicants is a pitch interview, consisting of a 10-minute pitch in front of a five-member jury followed by a question and answer session. Two to three weeks after the interview, the results are announced.

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How to make a successful application to the EIC Accelerator 2023

Das dreistufige Bewerbungsverfahren erfordert Zeit und eine genaue Planung. Full proposals include many detailed descriptions, business plans and financial plans. All documents must convince the reviewers and finally the company must also pass the interview. It also takes a lot of time to familiarise oneself with an application and the procedure. Trust the expert.

EIC Accelerator 2023 - start now!

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Selected references on our experience and on successful EIC projects we were allowed to apply for:

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For further reading: the official work programme on the funding programme