Success Story: From prototyping to market entry

CO2BioClean transforms CO2 emissions into natural biopolymers and convinces with the CO2Textile project in the EIC Accelerator funding programme. The success story: A total of €6.6 million in funding for CO2BioClean: €2.2 million in grants and €4.4 million in equity capital for the market launch of CO2TEXTILE.

CO2BioClean tackles two problems at once: Climate change and pollution

EIC Accelerator Success Story CO2BioClean

CO2BioClean GmbH is a start-up founded in March 2019 by Dr Fabiana Fantinel and Alessandro Carfagnini. CO2BioClean creates a decentralised value chain in which CO2 from industrial emitters is used as a feedstock for the production of biodegradable biopolymers.

Biopolymers are used, among other things, as feedstock for the production of consumer goods, packaging articles or textiles. Industrial CO2 emissions are the main cause of climate change; plastic waste causes severe environmental damage and decomposes into microplastics.

“We are delighted to have our technology recognised by the European Innovation Council and to be able to make a valuable contribution to the EU’s Green Deal.”, says Dr Fabiana Fantinel.

At a glance:

  • Funding programme: EIC Accelerator
  • Project: CO2TEXTILE
  • Funding: € 2.2 million grant, € 4.4 million Equity capital

Innovative Gamechanger: CO2TEXTILE

success story EIC Accelerator CO2BioClean

With EIC Accelerator funding, the CO2TEXTILE project addresses these two societal challenges simultaneously by using environmentally harmful CO2 to produce biodegradable plastics for an innovative circular economy in the textile industry. The CO2 is captured directly at the point of production, thus avoiding its release into the atmosphere. The biopolymer PHA is produced from the practically unlimited source material in a patented fermen-tation process.

The highlight: the produced PHA is itself biodegradable. This creates a process with a new carbon footprint while at the same time reducing the accumulation of plastic in nature. In this project, PHA fibres are produced that can be used for applications in the textile industry through specific modification. These fibres form the basis for recyclable plastic clothing. Thus, petroleum-based raw materials are dispensed with.

Funding the top flight – the Champions League of innovation funding

The European funding programme EIC Accelerator is one of the most demanding funding programmes among the EU’s funding offers, has a very large budget and is at the same time very competitive. Funding is provided for highly disruptive innovations that have the potential to change the European market in the long term. The prerequisite is a functioning prototype (TRL 6).

The aim is to accelerate market entry. In general, the EIC offers an open call, i.e. a submission open to all topics. In addition, the focus has been shifted to the topics green deal, health and digital technologies until 2021. From 2022, there will be new topics: technologies for open strategic autonomy and fit for 55.

Full-service consulting

In order to receive funding, applicants must prove themselves in the EIC’s three-stage application process, starting with a project outline and a pitch video, continuing with the full application and ending with a pitch interview in front of a selected jury of experts.

DORUCON prepares the full proposal and all necessary documents, such as financial sheets, annexes and the pitch deck, in detail across all stages and handles the Submission to the EIC. Each stage is followed by an evaluation by the European Innovation Council. Only after a positive result in each case can the application be continued.

Results of the cooperation

The good cooperation between CO2BioClean and DORUCON meant that the project went through all three stages smoothly and at the end the pitch interview was waiting for Fabiana and Alessandro. They convinced the jury and were additionally awarded as Green Deal Testimonial by the jury. The result: a total of €6.6 million in funding for CO2BioClean, €2.2 million in grants and €4.4 million in equity capital for the market launch with CO2TEXTILE.

CEO Fabiana Fantinel

The conclusion of founder Dr Fabiana Fantinel:

“With DORUCON’s full-service consulting, we can realise the full potential from our project. We would work together again at any time.”

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All information about the innovative gamechanger CO2TEXTILE, about the successful innovation funding and the conclusion of the founders can also be read here:

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