General principle – Satisfied customers and employees

DORUCON stands for für satisfied customers and employees. 


Our mission is based on three pillars:

1. Success

The success of our customers is in the first place for DORUCON and is the base for our own success.

2. Reliability

We reach satisfaction of our customers and satisfaction within our company through our reliabilty.

3. Continuous improvement

We reveal innovation potential. We help our customers to make innovation possible and to tap its full potential. To us, improvement means also the continuous enhancement of our processes. They build the base for securing success for us and our customers now and in the future.

Our values

We are a team of technical and innovation enthusiasts, consisting of physicians, engineers, business economists and humanists, identifying with our work and our employer. Our everyday life is formed by values of appreciation, mutual support, a good working atmosphere as well as structure & stability.

  • We think in long terms and create perspectives.
  • We take over responsibility.
  • We offer a service to our customers.
  • We build up structures.
  • We orientate ourselves at standards.
  • We bring up sympathy and understanding for all requests and we are helpful.
  • We foster a helpful cooperation in our team.
  • Short ways and quick and flexible reactions are important to us.
  • Honesty and trust und Vertrauen shape our work.
  • We are open-minded and by that we enable the evolvement of new things.
  • We care for an even work-life-balance and reduce stress.
  • We ofer our employees regular trainings and help them to ameliorate their skills.
  • Our way of working is embossed by efficiency.
  • We offer our emplyees free space and scope for development.