EIC Accelerator Challenges in 2024

In 2024, there will be 6 EIC Accelerator Challenges with a budget of over 300 million euros. Here is a brief summary of the breakthrough technologies and innovations supporting the EIC Accelerator Challenges this year.

EIC Accelerator Challenges at a glance

1. Human Centric Generative AI made in Europe.

Promoting a human-centered approach through artificial intelligence and creating models that reflect EU values. Examples of relevant technological improvements include generative AI models that minimize fictitious elements and make it possible to trace the origin of the information provided.

2. Enabling virtual worlds and augmented interaction in high-impact applications to support the realisation of Industry 5.0.

EIC Challenge two comprises the promotion of the development of adaptive virtual worlds and interaction scenarios in Industry 5.0 application contexts. Examples of relevant technologies include intelligent human-centered agents, distributed ledger technologies, spatial data processing and location mapping, digital twins, wearables and AR/VR solutions for workforce augmentation and learning.

3. Enabling the smart edge and quantum technology components.

Challenge three deals with topics such as promoting the development of novel semiconductor components and integrated smart systems for next-generation edge devices. It also focuses on supporting the EU in leading the development of state-of-the-art quantum computing/simulation, quantum sensing and quantum communication for real-world applications.

EIC Accelerator Challenge

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4. Food from precision fermentation and algae.

Promoting the production of sustainable and nutritious food through precision fermentation and algae. In particular, the development and expansion of interdisciplinary solutions in the areas of fermentation based on bacteria, yeast or fungi or novel aquacultures based on macro- and microalgae are promoted.

5. Monoclonal antibody-based (mAbs) therapeutics for new variants of emerging Viruses.

EIC Challenge five promotes the development of new drugs based on antibodies. This includes the creation of broadly effective or more effective treatments that can be easily administered to patients with mild symptoms who may be sensitive to treatment. New technologies that simplify the application of these antibody drugs and enable the rapid production of such therapies are also being promoted.

6. Renewable energy sources (RES) and their whole value chain including materials development and recycling of components.

Companies that promote the development of technologies that use renewable energies for electricity and heat are eligible for funding. This also includes the research and processing of all materials required for renewable energies, including critical raw materials, as well as the recycling or reuse of components. The aim is to reduce the EU’s dependence on imported energy components and contribute to achieving a CO2-neutral industry, securing critical raw materials and Europe’s energy independence.

About the EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator enables individual applicants, e.g. start-ups and SMEs, with breakthrough innovations at TRL 5 or 6 to accelerate their time to market by providing up to EUR 2.5 million in non-dilutive grants and up to EUR 15 million in equity investment.

Save the Date

Short applications are always open and can be submitted at any time. For 2024, the deadlines for full applications are March 13 and October 3.
It is important to note that a positive assessment of the short application is a prerequisite for the submission of full applications!

EIC Accelerator Challenges 2024

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