The European funding program Eurostars promotes European cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in joint, cooperative research and development projects. The innovation funding is open to all technologies and aims to develop new and innovative products, processes and services. Project partners can determine the content themselves.

Eurostars at a glance


of applications are approved.


of the participating companies open up new markets.


of the participating companies secure new market shares.

Who can apply for Eurostars funding?

Eligible to apply are innovative small and medium-sized enterprises that meet the criteria of the European SME definition.

Eurostars Förderung europäischer Zusammenarbeit DORUCON

Only international project collaborations consisting of at least two independent project partners from at least two European countries are funded. Research institutions and universities as well as large companies are also eligible to apply.

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We would like to explicitly point out that we support international companies and also take care of the international application process in the respective country of origin.

The countries themselves are responsible for funding. In Germany, for example, Eurostars is administered by the BMBF. The project sponsor is the DLR. In Germany, moreover, no large companies are eligible to apply. Research institutions are only eligible to apply if they cooperate with at least one German SME. The consortium leader of the R&D cooperation should also be an SME. A further requirement is that at least 50% of the costs must be covered by an SME, with a maximum of 70%. The project duration is also limited to 3 years.

How much is the funding?

The Eurostars funding is a non-repayable grant. Depending on the country of origin of the participating companies, the funding can vary. The amount of funding for each participating country can be found in detail on the EUREKA website.

The funding quotas for participants from Germany are listed here as an example.

ApplicantFunding rateRequirements
Universities / research institutions invoicing according to AZA100%Participation of a German SME with significant R&D contribution
Universities / research institutions that bill on a cost basis65%Participation of a German SME with significant R&D contribution
Universities / research institutions without SME participationSelf-financing declaration
Large companiesSelf-financing declaration

For German project partners, funding is capped at 500,000 euros in total. Eligible costs are those incurred up to the creation of a prototype (TRL 6) in research and development activities.

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