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Companies planning investments or research and development projects can take advantage of a variety of funding programs. For example, there are grant programs whose grants do not have to be repaid. Public authorities also offer loans with preferential conditions, both lower interest rates, elimination of collateral and grace periods.

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We advise you on your options for funding at both federal, state and EU level.

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Consulting Funding

Consulting services regarding start-up, innovation and investment may be eligible for funding where appropriate. Here’s how to address the challenges facing your business.


Digital business processes, data security and much more have become indispensable. However, they are associated with investment and innovation. We will find the appropriate promotion.

Energy efficiency promotion

With the right advice and support, companies can save costs in the long term, expand their competitive advantage and protect the environment at the same time.

Specialized programs

Among the specialized programs, you will find funding programs that address specialized topics, such as environmental protection, human resources, education, and much more.

Innovation Promotion

With innovations, companies win new customers and play a key role in shaping the market. There are some programs that accelerate the path from research to market. Inform now.

Investment funding

Growth and expansion mean investment: investment subsidies help companies with new acquisitions and investments in the company’s infrastructure. Should not be missed.

Patent promotion

With the help of patent grants, companies can receive support in applying for and marketing patents. In addition to applying for patent funding, we also offer patent searches.

Federal Programs

The German funding landscape is quite diverse and offers some programs for small and medium-sized enterprises.

State Programs

The states themselves also administer some state-specific funding programs. There is sure to be something here again.

European Programs

Although most of the European budget is managed nationally or regionally, there are funding programs directly at the EU level.

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There are other funding programs that we do not list here, the funding environment is constantly changing but talk to us and also use our free funding check! In any case, we will find suitable funding programs for your project and will be happy to help you with the application.