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Researching future technologies with the EIC Pathfinder

Since March 2021, Horizon Europe – the EU’s framework program for research and innovation – has included the EIC Pathfinder. The funding program aims to create a scientific basis for breakthrough technologies as well as visionary thinking, thus paving the way for new innovative technologies.

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What does the EIC Pathfinder promote?

The funding program specifically supports early-stage development, i.e. activities at technology maturity levels (TRL) 1-3. The focus is thus on exploring radical, innovative and profitable ideas that feature technological breakthroughs, among other things.

EIC Pathfinder application

The goal to be achieved with the EIC Pathfinder funding is the so-called “Proof of Principle”, i.e. a scientific and technological proof that the basic idea is indeed feasible and that further research on the future technology is promising. The EIC Pathfinder is open to both topics and industries.

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Who can receive funding from the EIC Pathfinder?

Consortia consisting of at least three partners from different countries can apply for funding. The consortia can consist of researchers and research institutions, start-ups, SMEs, scientists as well as industrial players interested in technological research and innovation.

The EIC Pathfinder Challenges also have a special feature. Individual teams or small consortia consisting of two partners can also participate.

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How is the funding provided by the EIC Pathfinder?

The EIC Pathfinder distinguishes between two types of tenders, the Pathfinder Open and the Pathfinder Challenge.

Pathfinder Open (Open Funding, formerly FET Open)

The Pathfinder Open grant program provides funding to participating consortia for projects in any science or technology area that are based on interdisciplinary, high-risk, high-reward research. In addition, the funded projects are expected to enable breakthroughs in science and technology. A total budget of €183 million is provided for the Pathfinder Open by the European Commission.

For both types of tender, the first step is to provide information on the budget and consortium. The technical details of the project follow in the second step.

May 04 is the 2022 deadline for the EIC Pathfinder Open.

EIC Pathfinder Challenge

In the EIC Pathfinder Challenge, an application can only be submitted on the basis of a call. In order to receive funding in this call, companies must master specific challenges on specific topics. A total funding volume of 167 million euros is available for this call.

The current calls for 2022 are for the following topics:

  • Carbon dioxide & Nitrogen management and valorisation
  • Mid-long term, systems-integrated energy storage
  • Cardiogenomics
  • Healthcare Continuum technologies 
  • DNA-based digital data storage
  • Alternative Quantum Information Processing, Communication, and Sensing

October 19 is the 2022 deadline for the EIC Pathfinder Challenge.

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How does the application process work?

phase 1

Phase 1: In a remote evaluation phase, the project is evaluated by a jury and then EIC expert points are awarded.

phase 2

Phase 2: An appeal procedure is carried out.

phase 3

Phase 3: It comes to the final evaluation of a second jury of experts. After that, the project is approved.

Amount of promotion

Amount of the subsidy at the EIC Pathfinder

Funding is provided in the form of grants of up to 3-4 million euros. In addition, funding is provided for testing the research results and innovation potential within the framework of the EIC Pathfinder. Consortia may apply for a maximum of EUR 50,000 each for their Pathfinder projects up to three times in a row to take additional steps regarding commercialization or implementation of portfolio activities. However, funding for such additional activities requires that they are not already described in the original Pathfinder application.

Other programs in Horizon Europe

EIC Pathfinder

  • Focus on exploring innovative ideas
  • Target: “Proof of Principle
  • Promotes technology maturity level 1-3

EIC Transition

  • Focus on further development of “Pathfinder ideas
  • Goal: Bringing future technologies closer to the market
  • Builds on results of the EIC Pathfinder

EIC Accelerator

  • Focus on development of innovations up to market maturity
  • Goal: promote rapid market entry, growth and employment
  • Promotes technology readiness level 5-8
  • More info on the EIC Accelerator

Consulting and contact

DORUCON consulting on the EIC Pathfinder

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