Who we are – Our team

Joshua Barbie DORUCON

Joshua Barbie

Dr. Alexander Bommer DORUCON

Dr. Alexander Bommer

Dr. Navina Dahmke DORUCON

Dr. Navina Dahmke

Julian Eller DORUCON

Julian Eller

Lukas Emmel DORUCON

Lukas Emmel

Dr. Felix Felgner DORUCON

Dr. Felix Felgner

Danilo Glaser DORUCON

Danilo Glaser

Marius Grad

Natalie Hoffmann DORUCON

Natalie Hoffmann

Dr. Benjamin Hötzer DORUCON

Dr. Benjamin Hötzer

Dr. Pierre Keller DORUCON

Dr. Pierre Keller

Verena Klauer DORUCON

Verena Klauer

Dr. Dieter Kolb DORUCON

Dr. Dieter Kolb

Julia Krass

Dr. Richard Nelz DORUCON

Dr. Richard Nelz

Dr. Marco Nesarajah DORUCON

Dr. Marco Nesarajah

Dr. André Pontes da Costa DORUCON

Dr. André Pontes da Costa

Dr. Jörg Rupp DORUCON

Dr. Jörg Rupp

Dr. Marc Schaber DORUCON

Dr. Marc Schaber

Melanie Schröder DORUCON

Melanie Schröder

Dr. Christian Spengler DORUCON

Dr. Christian Spengler

Martin Wagner DORUCON

Martin Wagner

Further team members:

  • Elisa Groß
  • Dr. Thomas Wolfgang Friedrich
  • Melanie Mosquera
  • Alexandra Roos
  • Dr. Céline Röhrig
  • Gerhard Rupp

DORUCON – DR. RUPP CONSULTING was established by Dr. Jörg Rupp. He is engaged in the topics of innovation, research and development, technology funding and start-ups for more than 20 years. He has a PhD in engineering; he is a certified chemist and business economist.

Guarantor for success is our longtime experience and our team which consists of engineers and business economists. We offer you competencies in economic and technical topics.