EIC Accelerator results of the 1st deadline 2021

By the deadline in June, 65 innovators were able to convince the European Innovation Council (EIC) and succeed against great competition at the EIC Accelerator. A total of 363 million euros in funding was awarded to companies that convinced the jury with their innovations. Two out of four DORUCON clients were also able to convince and thus receive a total of over 3 million euros in funding. The EIC Accelerator results at a glance.

EIC Accelerator results at a glance

As of the June deadline this year, 801 full proposals were submitted. 132 applications were convincing to the extent that they were invited to a pitch interview. At the pitch interviews, 65 companies were able to convince the jury and thus received the coveted funding. Across Europe, the success rate is thus 8.1 percent.

64 full applications came from Germany, 16 of which were invited to pitch. A total of eleven German companies received the grant.

Source: European Innovation Council

DORUCON results

EIC Accelerator results october 21

Four full proposals were submitted by DORUCON clients, two of which were selected in the pitch and receive a total of over 3 million euros in funding. More about the success story

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Background of the EIC Accelerator results

Application process:
To apply for the EIC Accelerator, there are several steps to follow. First, an outline, including a pitch video, has to be submitted. This is followed by an initial evaluation by the Innovation Council. If companies pass this first evaluation, they are entitled to submit a full application by the deadline in the second step. This is followed by a pitch interview for a further selection of applicants, after which the jury decides who will receive EIC funding.

Funding opportunities:
There are various funding options for applicants. On the one hand, there is the option of a grant of up to 2.5 million euros. In addition, there is the option of equity, which can be up to 15 million euros.

Application with experts increases chances of success

As of the June deadline, DORUCON had a success rate of 50 percent. Two out of four full proposals submitted were ultimately convincing in the pitch interviews. Thus, DORUCON won a total of over 3 million euros in grants for its clients.

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EIC Accelerator results

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