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Innovation consulting for companies How to become independent of projects through your own products.

Innovations contribute one third to economic growth in Germany. With innovative solutions you can win new customers, expand your sales market and strengthen your competitiveness. Many of our customers started out as service providers in the project business and now offer their own products. This made them less dependent on project orders and enabled them to increase sales and margins. Typical tasks in the context of innovation consulting are:

  • Generating and evaluating ideas for own products, processes and services
  • Market research
  • Technical and competitive evaluation of own ideas
  • Development of target criteria and functions
  • Analysis of property rights and preparation of patents and property rights with your patent attorneys or from our network
  • Project planning and project management
  • Cost planning
  • Financing of the projects, through grants, subsidies, subsidized loans or venture capital
  • Accompaniment market entry

We help you to successfully realize your product or technical process innovations and to become more independent from the project business through your own products. We are commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWK) for innovation consulting and authorized in the program go-innovativ.

Practical example small company

A small, medium-sized enterprise (SME) manufactures technical equipment for large companies on a contract basis. In order to become independent of its own clients, the company wants to develop its own product. This is to be sold directly to end customers.

Innovation consulting for companies from professionals - DORUCON

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Many questions arise in the process:

  • How do you develop in line with the market? In contrast to the previous history, the product is no longer specified.
  • How does product development run as efficiently as possible?
  • What approaches are being pursued and how are they being evaluated?
  • How does innovation management work? How is risk management conducted?
  • What are the opportunities for marketing the innovation?
  • How is the project financed?
  • Is there funding available for the proposed development?

We are happy to provide answers. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

Innovation workshops as part of innovation consulting

You want to make your employees fit for an innovation topic or you want to (or have to) open up new business areas? You want to make your employees fit for an innovation topic or you want to (or have to) open up new business areas?we hold workshops on these topics in companies again and again.
It is possible to use special techniques to catalyze the process of idea generation (e.g., bottom-up) and thus arrive at a future-proof technology roadmap or corporate strategy. Depending on the corporate culture, we weigh up which approaches best suit you. Just contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Examples of workshops we have held:

  • How do I involve my customers in the innovation process? That’s how the big guys do it!
  • Business model innovation – how to develop ideas holistically.
  • Industry 4.0 and innovations
  • From (sub)supplier to independent manufacturer

Our innovation consulting is qualified. We are certified by TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001:2015 and numerous state and federal institutions cover part of the costs of our innovation consulting.

Do you have an idea and want to know if it has potential for funding? Then use our free funding check.