Innovation Consulting

How to develop under market conditions? In contrast to former times, the product is not specified anymore.

Economic growth via innovation

Innovations contribute by one third to the economic growth in Germany. You can also win new customers, increase your market share and strengthen your competitiveness with innovative solutions.

We help you to successfully realize your product and processing innovations. For this we are commissioned by the federal ministry for economy and authorized consultant of the innovation program go-innovative (go-Innovativ).

Practical example of an innovation consulting for a small company

A small company is a supplier and produces technological facilities on behalf of big company. To become more independent from the current customers, the company wants to develop its own product. This shall later be sold directly to end customers.

A few questions arise here.

  • How do you develop in a market oriented way?
  • How does the product development run as efficiently as possible?
  • Which solution approaches are pursued?
  • How are these rated?
  • How is the innovation management conducted? How is the risk management operated?
  • How will the innovation be marketed?
  • How will the project be financed?
  • Are there grants for the planned development?

We would gladly answer your questions, just contact us.

Innovation workshops

You wish to sensitize your employees for an innovation topic or you wish to exploit new business areas? We hold workshops on various topics in your company. It is possible to catalyse the process of generation of ideas and thus develop a future oriented technology roadmap and business strategy. Depending on the business strategy we adjust the approach. Just contact us and we will assist you.

Here are a few examples of regular held workshops:

  • How do I integrate my customers into the innovation process? Here is how the big ones do it!
  • Business model innovation – how do you develop your ideas in a holistic manner?
  • From the supplier to the independent manufacturer.

You have special requirements?

You have an idea and wish to know if it has the potential for a grant? Use our contact form!