Seal of Excellence paves the way for further funding

Did you know that even if you rest in the EIC Accelerator, there are a variety of alternative funding opportunities for your project? The Seal of Excellence opens doors to new opportunities in many national and European funding programmes.

What happens if the funding application is rejected?

Funding in the EIC Accelerator is highly competitive and exclusively supports highly innovative and high-risk projects – with up to 2.5 million euros in grants and up to 15 million euros in equity capital (generally via a subordinated loan). A special feature of this funding programme is that after two submissions without a grant from the EU, there is a cool-off period of one year before the application can be resubmitted. In some cases, this can mean the end of the planned projects if the financing is not secured without EU funding.

The Seal of Excellence paves your way to further funding

Seal of Excellence DORUCON

However, even in the case of a one-year-break, there are a variety of alternative funding opportunities for your project. The Seal of Excellence, which the EIC awards to very good but unfunded applications, opens the door to new opportunities. In many national and European funding programmes. At state level, excellent companies in some federal states benefit from a fast-track assessment of applications.

In addition, the EU-wide established Seal of Quality increases the chances of success of funding applications. DORUCON has already been successful with clients who have been awarded the Seal of Excellence in the full-service editorial preparation of national funding applications. In this way, we have already successfully booked grants of high six-figure euro amounts.

Your application has been rejected or already awarded the Seal of Excellence? You are in the cool-off-periof of the EIC Accelerator? Contact our consultants and arrange your free initial consultation about other opportunities available to you.

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With the Seal of Excellence to Business Acceleration Services

In addition to the possibility of alternative grants for R&D projects, the Seal of Excellence gives you access to the EU’s Business Acceleration Services. The EU provides you with highly qualified coaches who support you in the further development of your project free of charge. The services include advice on customer benefits, validation of marketable offers, market entry strategies and investor search. Another benefit is regular invitations to high-profile pitch events, which are offered exclusively to the sponsors. Furthermore, the Seal opens access to funding for the protection of intellectual property through patenting.

Full-service consulting and holistic funding concept

By the way, most of the full proposals in the EIC Accelerator that DORUCON accompanies receive the Seal of Excellence award. Accordingly, our 10 years of experience in the funding landscape significantly increases your chances of receiving suitable funding. Our clients benefit from support beyond the EIC Accelerator application in the context of a holistic funding concept with regard to state, federal and EU programmes. In addition to R&D funding, we also offer a full-service financing and investment consultancy service, if required.

In doing so, we strive for a long-term customer relationship across different phases of the company’s development and always focus on a mutual relationship of trust and the highest quality standards – thus achieving a maximum success rate for our customers.

Arrange your personal appointment – free of charge and without obligation – and receive your funding concept.