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Investment needs arise, among other things, when a company expands. So growth also entails investment. For this phase, both the federal government and the states have some programs for (individual company) investment funding. In our consultation we will find the appropriate subsidy of your investment.

What is funded?

Investment subsidies or investment grants are grants from public or private sources with which economic or political objectives are pursued.

The subsidies support investing companies in the acquisition or production of new assets and in expenditure-related measures. The grants are conditioned by the funding guidelines of the funding programs – if the investors meet the respective requirements, thus the grant is awarded.

In this context, investments, both individual and joint, can be of different nature, for example:

  • Buildings and land
  • Machinery, devices and equipment
  • Investments in infrastructure, e.g. IT
  • Further or new development of products and processes
  • Investments in new operating equipment
  • and many more.

Investment grants act like equity capital and can thus positively influence the financing structure and profitability of the project. This also increases the company’s credit rating.

Are you planning investments such as new purchases, a new building or IT equipment? Arrange your personal initial consultation for the evaluation of your projects now.

How is funding provided?

Depending on the respective investment subsidy, both investment costs and personnel costs can be subsidized. In most cases, the costs of the investment serve as the basis for assessment. These are then subsidized on a percentage basis, depending on the subsidy program and guidelines.

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Who can apply for the investment support?

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The funding programs support small, medium and large companies. In addition, individual investments as well as joint purchases are supported. Details on the prerequisites and size restrictions are provided in the respective guidelines of the funding programs for investment support.

Investment grants can be applied for, especially in structurally weak regions of the Federal Republic – you can find out more about this under GRW funding.

Is your location in a defined structurally weak region? Our quick GRW check provides you with free, non-binding information on whether GRW investment support is an option for you.

Types of investment support

The subsidy landscape is constantly evolving – that is why we cannot list all subsidy programs for investment support here. In addition, the states offer state-specific subsidies. In our consultation, we will find the most suitable funding for you in any case and also advise you on selection, application and processing. You can also find a selection of funding programs here:

Digital now – investment support for SMEs

  • for small and medium-sized companies employing between three and 499 employees, based in Germany
  • Promotes investment in the company’s digital infrastructure, among other things
  • maximum funding: 50,000 euros
  • up to 70 percent subsidy
  • Funding rates depending on company size and location

DigitalStarter Saarland

  • for small and medium-sized enterprises with their registered office, branch office or permanent establishment in Saarland
  • Promotes digital investments
  • up to 50 percent grant
  • maximum funding: 12,500 euros
  • Note: Similar programs exist in other states. Get in Touch!

GRW funding

  • small, medium-sized and large companies in structurally weak regions
  • Promotes investments that create and secure jobs in the long term
  • up to 35 percent grant

Investments in the future of the vehicle industry (KoPa 35c)

  • Framework: Economic stimulus package Item 35c
  • 3 modules for the promotion of future investments of the automotive industry
  • 1.5 billion euros funding volume for 2020 – 2024

EEW funding

  • for companies, freelancers and municipal enterprises
  • Promotes investments in highly efficient technologies and renewable energies
  • up to 15 million euros grant

BEG funding

  • For companies investing in energy-efficient refurbishments
  • 5 thematic modules for promotion

Would you like personal advice on possible funding programs and investment grants? Contact us by mail or by phone and make your free consultation appointment.

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You can also find more programs using the keyword search:

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We look for the best possible solution for our customers. Our success-based fee model gives you the security that your interest comes first. Are you planning an investment and looking for the right funding? Then feel free to contact us or use our additional free funding check.

In our free initial consultation, we will then review your project for possible funding programs and make our recommendation.

In addition, our investment promotion consulting includes a full service, which means that both the application and the processing of the promotion are in our hands, so that you have no effort at all.